Sunday, April 13, 2008

How to write a journal

In my earlier post, I suggested keeping a journal as a way to improve one's English. Some people don't know how to go about it. Well, in this post, I will show readers how to write a journal.

As I mentioned in one of my posts, a journal is different from a diary in that it expresses the writer's feeling and opinion about some current events or issues. Hence, try to think of something to write when an important event happens in your house, area or country. If nothing is important enough for you to write about, turn to the television program that you watch. Think of something to comment about in the program that you have watched. There will certainly be something that you can say about. Read letters to the editor in your newspaper to see how readers comment about issues that concern the public and nature.

Writing a journal is good in the sense that it makes us think and put words on paper or in electronic media.

The following is an example of a journal:

I really could not bear looking at the anguished look maid who was abused by her employer - a bad-tempered homemaker. She had subjected her to such inhuman humiliation as the maid’s body was full of bruises. Some kind soul had brought her to lodge a report with the local police station when she managed to flee the 'hell' she was in. The police had detained her employer for questioning and the woman would be charged in court soon.

To me, the above incident should not have happened at all. The homemaker could very well have returned the maid to the agent and asked for another one that would serve her better. Besides, we have no right to inflict pain on others, let alone foreigners who come to country to serve as maids.

In the above example, I related a newspaper about tha case of abuse of a maid and give my view about the incident.

Happy writing journals regularly to improve your English.

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