Friday, March 21, 2008

Words that act as nouns and verbs

There are words in English that belong to two Parts of Speech, that is nouns and verbs. By the way, Parts of Speech refer to eight categories of words, namely nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections.

Examples of such words are as follows:

Example 1: race

The race will be held tomorrow. [noun]

My race is Chinese.[noun]

They usually race to the bus station so as not to miss the bus.[verb]

Example 2: shower

I had a shower when I reached home.


Modern parents usually shower their children with love. [verb]

Example 3: house

My house is by the sea. [noun]

The new building will house all the artifacts in our country. [verb]

Example 4: present

I gave her a present on her birthday. [noun]

The principal will present prizes to the winners. [verb]

Example 5: hunger

The beggar had no more energy to move forward because of hunger. [noun]

As they hunger for knowledge, they find that the Internet is the best place for them to search for what they want. [verb]

Example 6: box

I kept all my mementos in a box. [noun]

They went forward to box the thief until he bled. [verb]

Example 7: time

What is the time now? [noun]

The coach likes to time how long the runner takes him to run 5000 kilometres. [verb]

Example 8: stone

He picked a stone and threw it at the dog which followed him. [noun]

They intended to stone the monkey that came to still their food. [verb]

Example 9: hand

He used his left hand to write when his right one was injured. [noun]

We will hand the thief to the police. [verb]

Example 10: foot

I sprained when left foot when I ran down the stairs.

John had to foot the bill because I forgot to bring my wallet to the restaurant.

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