Sunday, March 9, 2008

When my Windows crashed again

My Windows crashed today. This is the sixth time it has happened.
When reinstalling Windows failed, I resorted to formatting my Drive C. Unfortunately, I had to move some important files to my thumb drives with the help of Bart PE disk which I had the foresight to prepare prior to the crash. I knew that I would need it one of these days and it came in handy today. I also backed up my drivers immediately after I had reinstalled Windows when it crashed for the fifth day some time last year.

Still I had to reinstall certain drivers such as those for my scanner and ethernet card.
This time I installed only Firefox, AVG Anti-virus, Word, Nero 8, FineReader, Alzip, Winamp, Adobe Photoshop and Soundedit Pro. This will suffice for the time being.

I found that with fewer prorammes in my computer, it runs faster.

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fwidman said...

That is a lot of work! I know how it is, as my hard drive died last year and I had to start all over again, installing Win Xp and everything else. Not fun :(
I seriously considered not installing Windows but instead a different OS, but I had a change of heart. But, if it happens again, I may just use Linux or some other system.