Saturday, March 8, 2008

The use of function key F4

I use Microsoft Word almost every day. There are a few shortcut keys we can make use of to speed up our work. One of them is the function key F4.

This shortcut key is used to repeat the immediate action we have executed. For instance, if we want to underline certain words in a paragraph, we can highlight the first word and underline it by clicking the underline icon or press Ctrl U. After that we can use function key F4 to repeat our earlier action. We just need to highlight the next word to be underlined then press F4 key and the underlining will be done. Highlight another word and press F4 key again to underline it. Repeat this for the words you want underlined.

1 comment:

fwidman said...

I did not know that's what that key was for. I will have to try it out sometime. Thanks for the tip!