Friday, February 1, 2008

Learning English through the Bible

Remember the post where I described my experience at the Students Exchange Programme camp which I took part in when I was in Form 3? Well, two of the facilitators of the above camp were a couple who were with the American Peace Corps. I could not remember their names. They were lecturing at DTC (Day Training College for teachers) at Hamilton Road then. Their rented house was just opposite the college. I visited them a few times after the camp. During one of the visits, the male American gave me a Bible – the New Testament in plain English. It was just like a treasure to me as I liked the English in the Bible.

I read through the Bible, understanding most of the words as it was written in plain English. Quite a number of words I learnt from reading the Bible. Later I enrolled for a Bible Correspondence Course to know more about Christianity. All the printed matter that I received helped me to improve in my English greatly.

Hence you see, even a Bible can act as a medium for us to study English.

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