Friday, January 4, 2008

Morning Walk

Morning walk is very popular in Penang. I am one of the regular morning walkers.

Every morning, I will either be at the Bukit Dumbar dam or Botanical gardens doing brisk walking.

Whenever I go the dam, I see family faces - health-conscious people who care for the well-being of their bodies. I smile to walkers whom I meet. It is another way of saying 'Good Morning' to fellow walkers.

Exercising is good for our health. You can swim, play badminton, do aerobic dance, practise t'ai chi, go or walk to make your heart work more efficiently, resulting in better health.

According to most doctors, exercising three times a week, each time lasting 30 minutes is enough to keep us healthy. To me, if we can exercise daily, it would even be better for maintaining health.

While walking, I can see various groups of early wakers with their own activities. One group will be practising t'ai chi while the others will occupy themselves doing line dancing or yoga.

I hope to be able to exercise daily through morning walk - the easiest way of exercising as I can do it anywhere and anytime.


To students of English who are reading this blog, pay attention to the use of 'exercise' here. 'I like to do exercise daily to be physically fit.' is incorrect English. The correct one should be 'I like to exercise daily to be physically fit.' or 'I like exercising daily to be physically fit.'

'To do exercise' refers to do the exercise you have to do for your homework.


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