Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Down Ipoh Lane, Penang on Sunday Morning

If you ever come to Jelutong, Penang, Malaysia you should go the the market place there. This is the place where homemakers like to frequent. I tried to capture the longest roadside stalls lining the way from the beginning of Ipoh Lane to the side of the market and along the road in front of the market with my newly-bought Sony's Cybershot T20.

Walk with me as I take you to all the stalls featured here.

Let us start from the entry point of Ipoh Lane. Stalls flank both sides of the road.

Banana Fritters Stall

You can buy your pisang goreng ( banana fritters), fried potatoes and fried sukun (breadfruit) from the Malay stall here.

Local Fruit Stall

At this stall, you can get your fresh fruit such as bananas, pineapples and sometimes nutmegs from the couple who hail from Balik Pulau which is famous for the production of nutmeg - a local fruit peculiar to Penang only.

Chinese Medicine Stall

The Chinese medicine seller who comes on Sundays only has a lot of Chinese medicine for everyone. He will explain the function of every medicine available.

Fruit and Vegetable Mart

This is more than a fruit stall. It is called a fruit and vegetsble mart. Hence you can buy yourself fruit as well as vegetables here.

First Clothing Stall

We have come to the first stall selling clothes. Have a look and pick what fancy you.

Best Lor Mee Stall

Next to the fruit and vegetable mart is a coffee shop where the best lor mee (noodles in starch gravy with egg, dried mushrooms, and chicken legs) is sold and cheap too. A bowl of lor mee costs only RM2.00.

First Newspaper Stall

The stall owned by an Indian Muslim couple sells popular magazines and newspapers. This is the stall where I buy The Star - an English daily.

First Shoe Stall

Shoes are sold at reasonable prices here.

Apom Balik Stall

The husband and wife team makes very tasty apom balik. The price is 40 sen per piece.

Pancake Stall

Another couple will also make you come back to buy their pancakes. The plain one costs only 70 sen per piece.

Home-cooked Dish Stall 1

This bachelor man can really cook. All the dishes displayed here will be grabbed up in no time. The Kapitan Chicken is the favourite of customers.

Nasi Lemak Stall

Nasi lemak (coconut milk rice) sold by this man may cost a bit more, that is, RM1.50 per box but is the tastiest here.

Children's Clothes Stall

Parents who bring their children along will not miss buying clothes for them here.

Yu Char Kuih and Ham Chim Peng Stall

Yu Char Kuih (fried dough in the form of a piece of bone) and Ham Chim Peng (fried dough stuffed with ground bean and sesame)- the two favourites of older people are available. They taste fantastic.

Vegetable Stall 1

Now we come to the first vegetable stall. The sellers are very friendly and their customers will come to this stall almost daily as there is a variety of vegetables here.

Scene of Crowd 1

Look at the crowd on Sunday when all stalls are open for business.

Clothes Stall 2

Very cheap clothes from China can be obtained here.

Stationery stall

School children will definitely stop here to buy their stationery .

Roasted Pork Stall

Sometimes you can see people lining up to buy roasted pork here. So it must be very sumptious.

Salted Vegetable Stall

This man specialises in selling salted vegetables, cockles and salted fish.

Fried Beehoon Stall
It costs only RM1.00 to have a meal for breakfast.

Pineapple Stall

This man sells only pineapples, usually ripe ones cheaply.

Dried Food Stall

You can get dried mushrooms, dried dates, dried almonds, dried prawns, dried scallops and salted fish here.

Lingerie Stall
Ladies will definitely frequent this stall as it sells bras and panties for their use.

Second Home-cooked Dish Stall
This woman sells very tasty food and the customers usually have to wait for their turns to be served.

Kuih Stall 1
The kuih (pix self explanary) sold is really delicious and the seller is very friendly too.

Vegetable Stall 2
See how many housewifes are buying their vegetables here.

Clothes Stall 4

Cheap dresses can be purchased at the stall.

Stall selling Praying Items
All praying material and items needed are availble at the stall run by the husband and wife team.

Clothes Stall 5
If you still cannot find the dress of your choice earlier you may try your luck here.

Stall Selling Chinese New Year Decorative Items

To brighten up Chinese New Year, come and buy some decorative items here.

Vegetable Stall 3
More choices for you if you miss selecting your vegetables at the earlier stalls.

Children's Clothes Stall
This stall sells only dresses for children.

First Flower Stall
Get some flowers here to offer to Dewa if you worship one.

Shoe Stall 2
Footwear is available at this stall.

Chicken Stall
This is the busiest stall as chicken is a must for cooking.

Sundry Goods Stall
Things needed in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen can be obtained here.

Leather Bag Stall
Get your handbags, waist pouches and wallets here.

Fruit Stall 2
The sisters and brother team are honest to customers and they can be trusted to tell you whether certain fruit are sweet or otherwise.

Indian Kuih Stall
The grinning Indian man really welcomes you to his stall.

Scene of Crowd 2
Can you see the crowd thronging the market place?

Village Produce Stall
You can get fruit and vegetables fresh from the seller's own orchard and vegetable plot.

Flower Stall 2
More flowers are obtainable here.

Newspaper Stall 2
Magazines and newspapers are sold by a woman. She is sitting behind the stall.

Kuih Stall in front of the Market
Many types of kuih are ready for your mouth.

The only sundry shop
It sells so many things that you can walk in and buy almost anything you want, ranging from ballpoint pens to plastic pails.

Side Entrance of the Market
Let us walk into the market and have a look.

Fish Stalls

Most of the stalls sell fish and prawns which are grabbed by housewives because they are really fresh.

Stall Selling Fish and Crabs
Get your crabs and fish here for the wok.

Bean Sprout Stall
Bean curds and bean sprouts can be bought here.

Egg Stall
No homemakers will pass by this stall without buying the eggs.

The Last Clothes Stall
Before you go back, come to this clothes stall and you won't be disappointed.

We really enjoy walking past the stalls every Sunday morning. You have so many things to see and to buy if you like. The Jelutong market place is worth a visit anytime.

Happy buying from stalls here.


SheR. said...

Wah... so much memories. Can't even remember when was the last time I went to Penang. I love the Penag tou sa piah! The best in the world! :) And those stalls in the pics remind me of sg so much... *tear in eye*
Happy New Year!

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