Friday, December 21, 2007

Mum Spoke to Me in Malay

On fine morning in December 1971, I received a letter from the Ministry of Education directing me to go for medical examination. Soon I was formally accepted as a trainee teacher in Malayan Teachers College.

The first week was orientation week. It was a very tight schedule. In the morning, we had to march round the field. Games with the seniors were held in the afternoon. Night time was spent listening to lecturers about course structures or attending a ball. The seniors must have purposely held the dance parties so that they could dance with the juniors.

Throughout the orientation, all directions and instructions were in Malay. Not a single session was done using English. One night, one strange thing happened to me. My mother was talking to me in Malay in my dream as she had never spoken in that language! The effect of the day must have taken its toll on me at night.

This is the experience that I can recall until now.

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