Thursday, December 20, 2007

Days of Chasing Ferries

After serving as a temporary teacher in Heng Ee Secondary School for three months as mentioned in my last post, I joined the staff of St Mark Secondary School in Bagan Ajam, Prai.

As I lived on the island, I had to take a ferry, then board a bus to reach the school on the mainland. Hence, every morning I took the first bus from Jelutong to the ferry terminal. Then I had to hurry in order not to miss the 6.30 a.m. ferry or I would be late for school. Hence, chasing ferries was my daily routine.

When I was in St Mark, I had to stand in for a teacher who was attending a three-month Bahasa Melayu course. It was not an easy task for me then as I had to teach Form 2 Geography, Form 3 History and Form 4 English as it called for preparation. This time, I had to prepare lessons for the three subjects according to the syllabuses. The boys and girls in the school were quiet and I could teach them to the best of my ability. There was one particular boy whose English essays I liked to read. His had the least grammatical errors.

The days of scrambling for ferries ended when I had to leave the school three months later.

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