Saturday, February 9, 2013

Today is Reunion Dinner Day for the Chinese

Today is the Chinese New Year Eve and as has been practised in the past until now, the family members from where they are will converge for a dinner called 'tuan yuan fan' or Reunion Dinner. The very purpose of this dinner is to get all members of the family together at least once a year. To me, this is a very good practice as we get to hear news from other members of the family and to get over the 'missing you' feeling since we can't meet on normal day. This is because we may not work in the same state.

Parents will give their children 'ya sui qian' in the form of 'angpow' or red packet to be placed under the pillow while sleeping. It is meant to keep the children safe and healthy for the coming year.

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Granny Hani said...

Happy Chinese n=New Year to you and your family..May this year of the snake brings you all the best in life.