Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kitchen Deity is back today

The Kitchen Deity is back today after having been in the Jade Emperor's Palace for four days reporting the going-on in each household he resides in.

Traditionally the Chinese will welcome the Kitchen Deity back to Earth on the 4th day of the Xin Nian. Offering in the form of fruit and cakes will be display on the altar while praying.

I am of the opinion that it may not be true that the deity will report what goes on in our house to the Jade Emperor. Yet it is a good thing if it is so as it will act as a deterrent for family members to be on guard and do what is right so that no bad things will be reported to the Jade Emperor.

In real life, laws are introduced to keep human beings disciplined and deter crimes. We don't like to spend our lives in jail and be despised by others when we are released from prisons and therefore we will not do anything against the laws to put ourselves at risk of being arrested and sentenced to prison.

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