Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to use 'bazir' and its other derivatives

Many users get confused when using 'bazir'. The following are the common mistakes related to this word.
1 Jangan bazir semasa menggunakan air.
2 Dia membazir wang yang banyak untuk membeli kad prayar telefon bimbit.

You cannot use 'bazir' (to waste) by itself. By adding the prefix meN you can form the intransitive verb 'membazir' which has no object. Hence sentence 2 above is wrong. The correct sentence to be constructed is 'Dia suka membazir semasa menggunakan air.' [He likes to waste water.]

The word 'bazir' can be turned into a transitive verb (a verb that takes an object) by adding the affix 'meN_kan'. The verb formed is 'membazirkan' (to waste + object). A typical sentence you can make with this verb is 'Adik sering membazirkan air semasa mandi.' (My younger brother often wastes water when he bathes.)

The correction for sentence 1 is 'Jangan membazir semasa menggunakan air.' (Don't waste when you use water.)

I hope this short article will benefit those who takes an interest in studying the Malay language.

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