Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to use 'most of' correctly

In today’s post, I will deal with ‘most of’ used in sentences. Let us look at the following sentences. Tell me which one is wrong.

1 Most of the boys are interested in football.

2 Most of the cake was eaten by my brother.

Actually both sentences are correct. Let me explain.

When ‘most of’ is followed by a countable noun, it takes a plural verb. For instance, you can write a sentence such as the one below.

Most of the apples sold here are fresh. [As apples are plural, the verb that follows it is plural, that is ‘are’]

On the other hand, if ‘most of’ is followed by an uncountable noun, then a singular verb is used. Look at the following example.

Most of the palm oil in Malaysia is exported to China. [ As palm oil which follows ‘most of’ is uncountable, it is considered singular and hence a singular verb ‘is’ is used]

These are other examples when ‘most of’ is used in tenses.

1 Most of the girls in the school play netball.

2 Most of the activities here require skills and patience.

3 Most of the work was done by my mother.

4 Most of the fun comes from knowing that one has achieved something.

5 Most of the rubbish is not disposed of properly.

I hope readers of this blog are able to use ‘most of’ in sentences properly after reading my post.

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