Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

First of all, let me wish all readers a very Happy New Year.

Today is the first day of 2012. As usual, people will start to make New Year Resolutions only to find that they can't do what have planned to initially. I did the same and was not able to carry out some of them.

For this year, I hope to write something every day. Last year I was not regular in writing my posts and hopefully I will be more regular this year.

Looking back at my posts I wrote more posts on English and Malay than other topics. I tend to write something which I think will be of interest to readers before I start to pen my post.

Sometimes laziness sets in and I do surfing the Internet rather than writing my post. Once you get lazy, it spreads to the next day and the next day. If I can form the habit of writing something daily, then it will be a routine and I won't miss writing the post meant for the day.

Once again, a very Happy New Year to all.

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Kheng Joo Khaw said...

Hi TH. This is Khaw Kheng Joo. your long lost friend. do contact me at this email
A very happy new year to you.