Monday, January 23, 2012

The Chinese usher in Year of the Dragon today

Today is the first day of Xin Nian or Chinese New Year. For this year, it is the year of the dragon.

Dragon symbolizes power and hence commoners were not allowed to wear clothing bearing any resemblance of the dragon. Only the King in China has the picture of dragon embossed on his attire which was known as 'long pao' or dragon robe.

The Chinese also likes to be associated with the dragon that they call themselves 'long de chuan ren' or 'descendents of the dragon'

It is believed that this year's dragon will bring in wealth or money as it is a 'water dragon'. In 'wu xing' or the five elements, the dragon belongs to water, one of the five elements. The other four are gold, wood, earth and fire.

When working at your desk, it is suggested you face west and avoid south-easterly direction.

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