Wednesday, January 11, 2012

About the Malay word 'bazir'

The word 'bazir' is one of the Malay words that need to have the prefix 'meN' to be correct. Hence you cannot say 'Jangan bazir semasa menggunakan air.' The correct sentence should be 'Jangan membazir semasa menggunakan air.' (Don't waste water when you use water.'

You can add the suffix 'kan' to 'bazir' to form 'bazirkan' which is used in a command. For example, you can write 'Jangan bazirkan air.' (Don't waste water.)

The word 'bazir' can also be changed to the form 'membazirkan' by appending the suffix 'meN_kan'. You use 'membazirkan' which is a transitive verb in a statement. For instance, you can produce a sentence such as the one below.

Adik suka membazirkan air semasa mandi. (My brother likes to waste water when he bathes.)

To sum, 'bazir' cannot be used without the prefix 'meN'. In a command you can use 'bazirkan' dan in a statement 'membazirkan' is used.

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