Saturday, January 7, 2012

About 'akan' in Malay

The 'akan' in the Malay language can be classified under the group 'kata sendi nama' or prepositions or 'kata bantu' or auxiliary word.

Let me explain how to differentiate between the two.

When 'akan' is used in front of a verb, it belongs to the 'kata bantu' group whereas it becomes a 'kata sendi nama' when it is used after adjectives denoting feeling such as 'suka' (like), 'bimbang' (worry), 'cinta' (love), etc. Perhaps the following examples will clarify what I have said earlie.

1 Dia akan berkunjung ke tempat itu. [He will visit the place.]
'akan' here is a 'kata bantu'.

2 Aminah sangat sayang akan anak tunggalnya. [Aminah loves her only son dearly.]

I hope I have made mayself clear in explaining the different parts of speech for 'akan' in different context.

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