Monday, November 14, 2011

How to digitize books

In the course of my work as a tutor, I need to scan materials from books to be printed as master copi copies, then have them photocopied before I give them to my students as homework or exercises.

Nowadays, I find that there are too many books for me to keep. Hence I need to find a way to economise space. Then I dawn upon the idea of digitizing the books I have.

To to do the task, I need to have a scanner which I have and an OCR such as FineReader. First, I have to scan the parts of the books which I need as jpeg files. Then, I use an OCR to turn them into Word files so that I can do editing as there tend to be mistakes in grammar.

The tedious part of the task is to do formatting of the texts and correcting mistakes in scanning. I spend about four hours to scan a 60-page books and do all the needed editing.

Now, whenever I need materials for my class I can always go to the digitized books and get whatever I want to be printed.

This is what I want to share in this post. Happy digitizing your books.

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