Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zhong Qiu Jie is here again

Come tomorrow and the Chinese all over the world will celebrate Zhong Qiu Jie or Mid-Autumn Festival. The cake not to be missed on this day is the Yue Ping or Moon Cake which is offered to the Moon on the 15th day of the eighth moon,according to the Lunar Calender.

Legend has it that a maiden named Zhang Er had swallowed a pill that immortalize her and she flew direct to the moon, leaving her lover on the Earth. It is her that offering is made on Zhong Qiu Jie and the Moon Cake is one of the items used for this purpose.

On the night of Zhong Qiu Jie, children will be carrying lighted lanterns to celebrate the occasion and make the festival merrier. Nowadays, modern electronic gadgets have replaced the old types of coloured paper lanterns.

Happy Zhong Qiu Jie to all who celebrate this occasion.

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