Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dun Wu Jie falls on tomorrow

Come tomorrow and the Chinese will be celebrating the annual Dun Wu Jie or Chang Festival.

Rice dumplings are a common sight a few before this festival which is meant to commemorate Chu Yuan, the patriotic poet who committed suicide at Milo River in China. He ended his life because his suggestions of reform to the Emperor was rejected.

Legend has it that the Chinese put cooked rice wrapped in bamboo leaves and dumped them into the river on the tragic so that the fish would not devour his dead body since they could eat the rice dumplings thrown down the river as their food.

Dun Wu Jie falls on the fifth day of the fifth moon according to the Lunar Calendar. For this year it falls on 6th of June 2011.

So much for a little bit of legend about the Chang Festival.

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