Monday, February 7, 2011

Email saved my day

I was meddling with my C drive when I resized it so that I could have another drive but alas I did the wrong thing when I formatted the new drive resulting in it being unable to boot. As I did not have my rescue disk which I should have created very much earlier.

The above situation rendered my computer dead as I could not restore the system at all. Then out of desperation, I used a downloaded Windows 7 to reinstall my system. After having done that, I made a rescue disk. With this disk, I was able to restore my Windows 7 Home Premium - the preinstalled system by Dell. However, in the restoration process, it wipe out all my data in Drive G. My precious data of my lessons are gone. I had intended to back it up later but now I really regretted not doing it.

As I emailed my lessons to the tuition centre every month for publication, I was looking for a place where I might retriever. Fortunately, in the Sent folder, I could see all the files I sent earlier. Hence, I downloaded all these and kept them in two places - one in the hard disk and one in my USB drive.

Email really saved my day.

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