Thursday, December 2, 2010

Taxis can educate the masses

During my tour of Yunnan I was very impressed by taxis with LCD screen attached to the tops of them. From time to time, Chinese sentences and slogans will run across the display panel. These are mostly educational in nature. The photo below shows the sentence 'Wen ming Kun Ming wen ming ren' which means 'Civilised Kun Ming means cilivised people' to remind residents to be courteous to people all the time, especially tourists so that they can be looked upon as civilised people of the world.

Other sentences I noticed were the ones asking people to be thrifty in the use of water and keeping the environment clean. I think this is a good way of educating the public who will not miss reading them especially they are trapped in traffic congestion with the taxis in front of them.

A taxi bearing running slogans on LCD display panel

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