Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We are one year older when Dong Zhi comes again

Today is Dong Zhi, the Winter Solstice for the Chinese. On this day, the Chinese all over the world will savour tang yuan (glutinous rice balls cooked in syrup) to usher in the arrival of winter as Dong Zhi means the arrival of Winter.

Yang yuan is round, symbolising harmony and reunion. The shape round is considered auspicious to the Chinese too. Dong Zhi can be a day of reunion for members of the family. They will come together to promote family unity. In ancient China, the daughter who was married off to someone had to spend her day in her own parents' house so that nothing unfortunate will befall her husband.

The Chinese are also considered one year older once they have tasted the tang yuan. Some people will not taste it because they want to be the same age all year round.

Happy celebrating Dong Zhi to Chinese all over the world.

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