Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shifting of souls between two people

I just watched a comedy about shifting of souls between two people - a man and a girl after an accident involving their racing cars when they overturned. After this incident, the girl assumed the identity of the man in personalit and she walked like a man. On the other hand, the man who had the girl's soul behaved like a girl in demeanour. The man had a daughter and she did not know the shift and called his father whose soul now was that of the girl's. A lot of funny things happen to them after this identity mix-up.

The story ended with both man and girl getting married to have a happy ending.

The shifting of souls may not happen in real life. However, in Buddhism, one's soul will take different forms after death. For those who do good, they may go to the heavenly realms, and evil-does will end up as animals, hungry ghosts or hell-beings. Hence it is better for us to do good all the time so that we can be born in a better realm after death.

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