Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Impression of Li Jiang

A visit to Li Jiang will not be complete without watching the performance of 'Impression of Li Jiang' put up by the 13 minority ethnic groups of Yunnan. The show is performance with the Jade Dragon Snow Hill as the background. The open air show was realling fantastic as you got to see 300 men on horses when they appeared together. Three of the performers were even able to ride standing on the horses.

The performance was trying to depict the daily activities of the minority ethnic people here. You can see them horse-riding, getting agricultural produce with the bags on the back of girls. There was even a scene ofn drinking wine as a gesture to welcome the guests. On the whole, the 50-minute show was interesting from the beginning to the end.

With my camera with limited functions, I was not able to catch a panoramic view of the performace but fractions by fractions as can be seen from the photos shown below.

Mackintosh-clad audience 1

Mackintosh-clad audience 2

Men on horses

Men acting as horse-riders 1

Men acting as horse-riders 2

Men acting as horse-riders 3

Men acting as horse-riders 4

Men acting as horse-riders 5

Men acting as horse-riders 6

Men acting as feast participants

Can you see water falling down the wall as artificial waterful for the show?

The Jade Dragon Snow Hill as the background of the gigantic stage

Notice the back portion of the traditional dress of the Naxian tourist guide

One of the performers singing her way to the stage

Another performer passing in front of our gallery seats

Let us dance together 1

Let us dance together 2

Let us dance together 3

Let us dance together 4

Let us dance together 5

Let us dance together 6

Let us dance together 7

Let us dance together 8

Let us dance together 9

Let us dance together 10

Let us dance togeter 11

Let us dance together 12

The audience as they left the performance site

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