Friday, June 4, 2010


Now that I have some knowledge of Japanese, I would like to present a simple 'How do you do?' in the languages that I know of.

In Malay, you say 'Apa khabar?' and in Madarin it is rendered as 'Ni hao ma?'

As for the Japanese, you would say 'Hajimemashite' to them.

My Hokkien friend will say 'Loo hor O?' and the Cantonese will probably utter 'Lei hou mou?'

Now for the reply.

The Malay will say 'Khabar baik' [good news] when you utter 'Apa khabar? [Literally 'what is the news?']

In English, when someone says ' How do you do? ' to you, you will reciprocate with the same words too.

The Chinese will say 'Wo hao' in reply to your greeting of 'Ni hao ma?'

"Hajimemashite' will be the reply from the Japanese to whom you utter 'Hajimemashite'.

As for the Cantonese, they will say 'Ngo hou, thor chay.'

Hokkien people will utter 'Gua Chin Nya Hou' to reply to your greeting of 'Loo Hor O?'

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