Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let us keep the key of happiness ourselves

In real life situation, we often feel angry because someone has done something to make us angry or he has disappointed us.

We feel angry because of the act of someone. If we have such a feeling, we are letting him keep the key of happiness. On the other hand, we should keep the key of happiness ourselves. We should think this way. His act has made us realise that we should not have done the same so that others will not get angry.

Being angry is detrimental to our health. When we get angry for three minutes, the energy extended will only be replenished after three days. Hence it is not worth it. Count up to 20 when we are about to get angry. Don't let anger control you because it will be like letting the one who makes you angry hold your key of happiness. Your feeling is controlled by his words or act. However, if you have total control over your feeling and have the mental set as mentioned earlier, you have actually keeping the key of happiness to yourself.

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