Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Katakana is used for writing foreign words

Besides hiragana, the Japanese also uses katakana in writing for foreign words and Western names. In today day's post I will list out the 46 vowels which bear the parallel of hiragana which I listed in my earlier posts. Here they are:

ア イ ウ エ オ [a i u e o]
カ キ ク ケ コ [ka ki ku ke ko]
サ シ ス セ ソ [sa shi su se so]
タ チ ツ テ ト [ta chi tse te to]
ナ ニ ヌ ネ ノ [na ni nu ne no]
ハ ヒ フ ヘ ホ [ha hi fu he ho]
ヤ ユ ヨ [ya yu yo]
マ ミ ム メ モ [ma mi mu me mo]
ラ リ ル レ ロ [ra ri ru re ro]
ワ ヲ ン [wa wo n]

For example, hotel and Alan are written as ホテル[hoteru] and アレン[A re n] respectively.

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