Friday, May 7, 2010

It is a cat

Let us learn some Japanese grammar or structures in this post.
To say ‘It is …’, ‘Those are..’ or ‘I am…’, we use ‘____________ desu’. (‘desu’ is pronounced as ‘dess’ because the ‘u’ is silent. Vocabulary for today consists of ‘neko’ for cat, ‘inu’ for dog, ‘hon’ for book, ‘enpitsu’ for pencil.

Let at the following examples:
1 ねこです (neko desu)
[It is a cat]

2 いぬです(inu desu)
[‘It is a dog.’ or ‘Those are dogs.’]

3えんぴつです(Enpitsu desu.)
[It is a pencil.]

4 ほんです(Hon desu.)]
[It is a book.]
5 たなか です。(Tanaka desu.)
[I am Tanaka.’

For negative statements, you can use ‘ではありません’ ‘dewa arimasen’ in place of ‘desu’. The above five sentences can be turned into negative throught this method.
1 ねこではありません (neko dewa arimasen)
[It is not a cat]

2 いぬではありません(inu dewa arimasen)
[‘It is not a dog.’ or ‘Those are not dogs.’]

3えんぴつではありません(Enpitsu dewa arimasen.)
[It is not a pencil.]

4 ほんではありません[Hon dewa arimasen.]
[It is not a book.]

5 たなかではありません。(Tanaka dewa arimasen.)
[I am not Tanaka.]

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