Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Floating on Sungai Salang

When I was small, I used to play on the beach, picking seashells and chasing waves. My father was very strict and he told me not to swim in the sea. Believe it or not, I followed his advice. That explained why I did not how to swim although I lived near the sea. It was in the teachers' college that I joined the swimming club and learnt how to float. This training really helped me when I was teaching in Jerantut, Pahang because I used to go to Sungai Salang (I can't remember the correct name, anyway) with my colleagues. There I enjoyed floating more that swimming because my breast stroke was hopeless as I could not propel myself to go forward. I had to contend myself with my dog swim, that is, paddling with both hands to move forward.

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