Friday, February 12, 2010

Turning the laptop into my cpu

I was able to do any posting for quite a number of days because my old faithful died a natural death. The motherboard refused to work anymore. I negotiated with my son to lend me his laptop for the time being and I will order a cpu online but it will take about three weeks to arrive.

It turned out the I don't quite like the screen. It is reflecting and so my son had thought of way to make feel like I am still using my old faithful.

You see, Windows 7 has this function of enabling extended screen. After some manipulations, my son was able to turn my LCD monitor into the second and main screen. Hence when Windows 7 boots, it starts from the laptop, then the dislay goes to my old LCD monitor.

Right now, I am able to type just like I did before my old computer of 7 years failed me. I am using my old keyboard with an adapter to turn it into usb enabled keyboard and got plugged to the laptop. The picture is clear. My lap acts like my cpu and I am using my old LCD monitor and my old keyboard to work on.

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