Saturday, February 27, 2010

For want of usb ports

Most computer add-ons nowadays are usb-based. When I used my son’s laptop, I found the four usb ports on the computer in sufficient for my use.

The things that I have which need usb ports are keyboard, scanner, mouse, speakers,printer, 2.5” HDD. Hence I had to buy a usb hub with additional four ports for my use. I learnt something new here. I was told that I had a 5V adapter attached to the hub if I want to use the ports for scanner and HDD which have no power on its own.

Ideally a computer should have eight usb ports available so that no hub need be used at all. My old computer had eight usb ports and I needed not use any usb hub at all.

With all these limitations, I still prefer a desktop to a laptop.

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