Monday, February 22, 2010

Deserted Market Places

After a night day's fuss in praying to the Jade Emperor, the market place today was quite deserted. Many stalls were closed and we could not get to enjoy our delicious breakfast such as Hokkien mee. I just bought my Star and KwongWah and opted to cook my Maggie mee for breakfast instead.

Fragments of burnt firecrackers lined both sides of the road as we walked towards the market. I could imagine the din created last night. Near my place, the din started as early as a quarter to twelve midnight. I could not undersand why people could wait until 15 minutes before the real hour to pray to Jade Emperor, yet they fired the crackers before that defeating the purpose of praying on the real day because 15 minutes from midnight was still the 8th day of Chinese New Year.

It must the kiau su mentality that prompted them to create the din before the actual time. They wanted to be the first ones to pray to the Jade Emperor, I suppose. But alas! They missed doing it because it was not the day intended, you see.

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