Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Science and soap opera

In the final episode of the soap opera I followed, I find that science has a part in such dramas. The woman who suffered from cervical cancer had to have her womb removed to prolong her chances of survival. Prior to that, the surgeon had removed her ovum and had it frozen for later use.

She really wanted to have her own child before she died and the husband suggested that they have a test-tube baby. Since she had no uterus, someone had to do the job of carrying the embyro for her. True friendship manifested itself when all her three buddies wanted to help her to carry this baby. Finally, one lady had her wish granted and she finally gave birth to a baby girl.

At that time, the husband was ferrying her to the maternity hospital but her condition was critical. Science was used again, when the husband telephoned her friends that she could not make it. One of her friends quickly directed her 3G phone to the newly-born and she was able to have a glimpse of her child before she passed away.

Scientifically an ovum can be fertilised by sperms from a man in a test-tube and the fertilised zygote can be transfered the uterus. The baby who is then born when the gestation period ends is known as a test-tube baby in layman language.

3G phones enable the transmission of videos through the air. If two people communicate using 3G phones they can see each other whey they talk. This is science.

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