Friday, January 22, 2010

How to detect a stroke

I just learnt of a few ways to detect a stroke attack on someone. It is from a nurse. She simplified it to S.T.R. which are the first three letters of STROKE.

If you find that someone is suddenly feeling uneasy.

1 Ask him or her to Smile or

2 Ask him to talk to see whether he or she can form a simple sentence correctly or

3 Ask him or her to raise his or her hand.

If he or she fails to do any one of the above actions, call for medical help for him or her quickly because he or she has suffered from a stroke.

There is another way to detect stroke too. Ask him or her to show his or her tongue. If it is crooked or bent to one side, it is an indication that he or she suffers from a stroke.

A stroke patient must get medical attention within 3 hours so that his life can be saved.

I hope this information is useful and can help to save more lives.

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