Thursday, December 31, 2009

Will is needed to achieve our goal

This is the last day of the year 2009. From tomorrow onwards we will usher in 2010. I hope the new year will be filled with things or events that benefit the masses rather than make lives harder for them.

Usually we look forward to having a good year ahead. Expecting good things will prompt us to put our best food forward to realise what we set out to achieve.

Personally, I hope to have good health as I realise that health is more important than any other things in our lives. To enjoy good health we need to lead a healthy life in terms of food, mental set and physical activities. It boils down to consuming a balanced diet, being optimistic and exercising regularly. This is fine in theory but practising what is said in the previous sentence is not easy. For example, we tend to buy delicious food although it maybe too sweet or too oily. We can't control our temper albeit we know very well it is unhealthy. As for exercising, we are not consistent. We only exercise when we realise that we need to do it to be physically fit.

Hence will is needed to achieve what we have planned to do.

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