Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I am pooped

Today I am going to explain the meanings of some English expressions which may be useful to students of English who want to increase their vocabulary.

1 I am pooped
This is an informal expression which carries the meaning of ‘ I am tired.’
Example: As I was pooped, I went to bed earlier.

2 I feel peckish
It means ‘I feel a little bit hungry.’
Example: He felt puckish and drank some glucose to stop his hunger.

3 It makes your day
It (Something) makes you very happy.
Example: The success of my plan today really made my day.

4 It puts me off
It means ‘I don’t like it.’
Example: The sight of the rude man really put me off.

5 My plan went to pot
It means ‘my plan went wrong’.
Example: Although I had taken pains to go camping, it went to pot because it rained heavily.

6 I have a whale of time
It means ‘I really enjoy myself.’
Example: When my parents went out to attend a dinner, we had a whale of time doing what we liked.

7 I enjoy bugging him
It means ‘I enjoy making him angry.’
Example: In this short story, Kamil enjoyed bugging Hafizi who was lame.

8 To spill the beans
It means ‘to reveal information’
Example: After much pestering from my brothers, I had to spill the beans and told them everything about what transpired in their absence.

9 go above and beyond the call of duty
It means ‘do more than is required’
Example: I had to commend the taxi-driver for going above and beyond the call of duty because he took the trouble to find the place where I stayed and returned me the briefcase I left in his taxi two days ago.

10 my eyes streamed
It means ‘I could not help crying.’
Example: When I watched the tragic show, my eyes streamed.

I feel peckish after writing this post and have to go for a drink. Laters.

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