Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to prevent flu using alternative methods

From my reading about health, I have gathered some interesting ways to prevent and lessen the effect of influenza. I would like to share these with readers of this blog.

1 Immerse your legs in warm water for 15 minutes per day. The legs must be red after the immersion. This practice is said to be able to prevent influenza.

2 The second way is eating raw onions regularly. If you don’t like the taste of onions skip this method of preventing influenza.

3 Gargle your mouth with salt water every morning and night. It will kill the germs in your mouth cavity as a way to prevent influenza.

4 Wash your face with cold water every day.

5 Inhaling water from hot water in a glass can reduce stuffiness during the attack of influenza.

6 Blow hot air at the area called ‘temple’ (the flat part beside your head between the forehead and the ear) or your ‘tai yang xue’ acupuncture point for 3 to 5 minutes several times per day. It will help to cure your influenza faster.

7 Rub your palms and massage the groove region (‘ying xiang xue’ acupuncture point) below your nose regularly. It will help you prevent influenza.

8 Mix equal amount of pounded garlic and honey, and add in water. Drink a tablespoon of this concoction four to six times a day. It is very good for treating influenza.


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