Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When the word 'clothe' is wrongly used

When I was in Hat Yai, it was raining most of the time. Hence I walked along the corridor of shops along Trok Sukomthalang looking at things sold there. Suddenly, I caught sight of a tailor shop with the following words written outside the shop:

'We deliver clothe in 24 hour.'

I hope that I remembered this line correctly.
Anyway two glaring errors stayed in my mind until now.

The first mistake is the word 'clothe' which should have been 'clothes' because 'clothe' means to put clothes on whereas 'clothes' means 'garments'. For example, a salesgirl is asked by his boss to clothe the mannequin (a dummy model).

The second error is 'hour' which must be replaced with 'hours'. To make this sentence grammatically correct, it should be worded as 'We deliver clothes in (within) 24 hours.'

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