Friday, November 27, 2009

They mean to live within their means

The addition of the letter 's' changes the meanings of certain English words. The words I refer to are not plural in nature. Here are some examples of words which change their meanings with the addition of 's'.

1 new - something fresh or of recent origin
news - information about recent events
The dog will be trained to play new tricks.
We usually listen to the news telecast in the evening.

2 mean - stingy
means - way of achieving something; money resources
The mean rich man seldom parts with his money to help others.
All of us should live within our means so that we don't have to borrow money from other people.
He uses his bicycle as a means to reach the post office which is quite far away.

3 water - the colourless liquid that we drink
waters - part of a sea
We drink water to quench our thirst.
Piracy often occurs at international waters near that area.

4 colour - hue such as red and blue
colours - flag
Some people like to wear red shirts.
The clever boy passed his exams with flying colours.

5 good - opposite of 'bad'
goods - commodities, something that you can sell
Exercising is a good way to keep ourselves physically fit.
Most of the goods sold here are very cheap.

6 physic - medicine
physics - science of dealing with the properties of matter and energy
The doctor gave the patient some physic to treat his sickness.
Physics is an interesting subject to study.

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