Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Marvellous works of nature

The second day of my Quilin trip was very interesting as I got to witness the marvellous works of nature at Reed Flute Cave - a place where stalactites and stalagmites of all shapes and sizes can be found.

By the way, stalactites ( to remember this word, look at c to associate it with ceiling) are formed on the roofs of a limestone cave where water droplets containing calcium carbonate reside, get dried and grow slowly. These poles will grow downwards like nails.

As for stalagmites ( you can remember this word by the letter g to associate it with ground), they are formed on the floor (ground) when droplets of water containing calcium carbonate fall, stay and become dry when the water evaporates. These structures will grow vertically up.

In the Reed Flute Cave when I had a chance to set foot on, I could see really beautiful stalactites and stalagmites some of which resemble characters in Chinese legends and scenery in China. These were highlighted by the tourist guide who took us around the cave.

I like to share these wonders of nature with readers by posting the photos I took randomly inside the cave.

So much for today's post about stalactites and stalagmites.

Two-prolonged gigantic stalactite

Do I look like jaws of a shark?

We enjoy swimming under the jagged roof.

Do I resemble a puppy?

Gigantic stalagtite

I am holding something blue and sucking water.

Can you see the lady sitting elegantly on the right?

Can you detect two elephants' heads here?

My bridal room is on the right.

Have you ever seen such a colourful waterfall?

Take a snapshot for me, will you?

Can you see a gorilla beside a woman holding her baby?

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