Friday, November 13, 2009

A day spent with scenic places and local tribes

Day 4's journey started with a visit to the Elephant Hill, so named because of the shape of the hill that looks like an elephant sucking water with its trunk (see pix below). After that we went up Fubo Hill to have a panoramic view of Guilin city.

The next place we went to was known as 'Shi Wai Tao Yuan' or Shangri-la - a serene place unpolluted by human activities. We also paid a visit to the Tong tribe there. At one place, a maiden was throwing down her xiu qui (a ball embroidered with colourful cloth) to people passing by. According to the tribe's custom, the one who happens to receive the ball is supposed to be her future husband. As we cruised down the crystal clear water, we could see beautiful 'tao hua' (name of a type of pink flowers). Some Tong girls were also dancing to welcome us. Not only that, men of the same tribe danced further down the river too. Finally I managed to take a snapshot of an aborigines who waved to us. All along we could feast our eyes on the distant Guilin hills which looked so beautiful with their shapes that resembled whatever animals we could imagine.

More interesting trip was in store for us when we went rafting down Li River, singing 'san ke' (hill songs). Finally we got a chance to see how a fisherman used his fisher-bird to help him fish. The bird would dive down looking for fish and came out with it in its beak. The man then took it out of its beak. As I observed, I found that a ring was around the bird so that it could not swallow the fish caught.

In the afternoon, we proceeded to Yang Shuo, come 65 kilometres away. We stopped to sip tea prepared by a place called Dr Tea. It seemed that the best tea is Pu Er tea.

At 9.10 we had a chance to watch the performance by the Li River. It was directed by the famous Chinese director, Mr Zhang Yi Mou. The setting was the distant hills and Li River. The audience was huge too. Each show was watched by 2300 people. We watched the second show and enjoyed it thoroughly. I could not take good pictures because of the poor lighting around. Anyway, I hope the three best shots I put here can do the job of getting readers to imagine how the show was like.

Posing at the entrance to Elephant Hill Scenic Area

Tourists taking photos in front of Elephant Hill

Come, buy my fried fish, hot from the wok!

I was quite surprised to see Malaysian fruits being grown and sold here.

Picturesque View with willow trees on the front

On top of Fubo Hill

Houses of the Tong tribe

Decorated House of the Tong tribe

A gadget to draw water from the river

Welcome, tourists from Malaysia!

We think we can dance too.

Don't snatch my xiu qiu, let the handsome man have it!

A traditional weaving machine of the Tong tribe

Who says only women can weave?

Let me try my hand at manoeuvring the raft.

Beautiful 'tao hua' growing on the river bank.

Posing in front of a scenic spot.

Scenic Guilin hills

A breathtaking view of Guilin hills

Picturesque view of Guilin Hills

Undulating Guilin hills in the distance

What a beautiful view of Guilin hills!

I am going to ask my bird to catch a fish for me.

Down you go my dear bird.

Crystal clear water of Li River, Guilin.

Good boy! Now let me get the fish out of your beak.

Scene of the show at the beach of Li River, Yang Shuo.

A girl dancing on a gigantic artificial moon.

Do you believe that as many as 600 people were there to perform?

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