Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rules for prefix meN in Malay

The spelling of Malay words with prefix meN (which represents me, mem, men, meng, meny, and menge) often confuse learners of the language. In this post, I would like to list the rules and examples to make it clear to readers of this blog.

1 me is used for words beginning with l, m, n,w and y.
Examples: melompat (jump), memaki ( scold), menanti (wait), mewakili (represent) and meyakini (convince)

2 mem is used for words starting with b, p (giving way to m), p and v.
Examples: membaca (read), memakai (wear), mempamerkan (exhibit) and memveto (veto)

3 men is used when the initial letters of words are d, t (giving way to n), s and t.
Examples: mendapat (get), menulis (write), mensyaratkan (make it a condition) and mentadbir (to manage)

4 meng is used for words with initial letters a,e,i,o,u,g,h, k(giving way to ng), k, q and x.
Examples: mengalih (move), mengelakkan (avoid), mengikut (follow), mengolah (process), mengubah (alter), menggunakan (use), menghabiskan (to finish), mengarang (compose essays), mengkaji (to study), mengqada (replace fasting that is missed) and mengX-ray (to X-ray)

5 meny is used when the first letter of each word is s (giving way to ny)
Examples: menyusun (to arrange), menyerap (to absorb)

6 menge is used in front of monosyllabic words.
Examples: mengepos (post), mengecam (recognise), mengetut (bud-graft), mengesahkan (confirm)

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