Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My first educational software

I enjoy programming using dBase 3+ and with this language, I made my first educational software which I called Tekata (short form for Teka Kata or Guess the Word).

I store words of 4 letters and 5 letters in a data base with which I ask the user to guess. The user will choose 4-letter word or 5-letter word and four or five blanks will be displayed. He will then venture a guess by typing any word of the required length. My program will then display the correct letter or letters in the correct position or positions iand the user will try to fill in the missing spaces. After three trials, and if the user fails to guess the word, the answer will be displayed. If he manages to guess correctly, he will be praised with the display of 'Well done!"

I use this program to reinforce the spelling and increase the vocabulary of my students as all the Malay words to be guessed are quite difficult ones.

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奈米公主 said...

Hey, i am using my powerpoint to create questions for my students to answer. However, i think your way of teaching also helps alot in improving my student's vocabulary. Do you mind to share with me how to do it? thanks!