Thursday, September 17, 2009

Looking at life from another angle

In our daily lives, we are always worried about something. You may worry because you lose something. Worry occupies your mind when someone talks bad about you. Somebody may cheat you out of your money and you feel upset. If only we can look at life from another angel, then all these will not happen.

For example, you may lose your prized possession. If you are aware that it may one day get spoilt even if you don't lose it, you will not have attached so much to it that you fear parting with it. Looking at it this way, we may not worry shoud you lose your favourite thing.

If you get cheated by someone and your money goes to him, why not think that in your past life, you may have taken his money and now he rightfully gets it back. Having this train of thought may put you at ease when someone swindles your money.

Be grateful of what you have been endowed with physically and make full use of it for helping others. Should you lose one arm, you can bravely say, 'Thank God I still have another arm.' Looking at life from another angle really helps get rid of uncalled for worries.

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