Friday, August 21, 2009

Zhong Yuan Jie

Yesterday was the first day of Zhong Yuan Jie or Month of the Hungry Ghosts. In Malaysia, you will have a chance to watch Chinese opera shows in the open space during this month. For the duration of the 7th moon of the Lunar Calendar which commenced yesterday, these shows will be staged from place to place and they are financed by donation from people in the areas concerned.

It is believed that hungry ghosts are let loose during this month to roam places. Hence, offering of food by the Chinese when praying to the ghosts will be held in sheds specially erected for this purpose. In individual houses, offering of food to the ghosts is done on the first, fifteenth and thirtieth of the month

During this month, children are advised not to go out at night for fear of being accosted by ghosts.

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