Monday, August 17, 2009

Time when we do make mistakes

Some people simply cannot tolerate anyone's faults, however small they are. These perfectionists, so to speak, do not realise or purposely unwilling to learn that all human beings are not infallible. From time to time, we may make mistakes unintentionally.

As long as the person who has made some mistakes in his job admits that he has made them in a certain matter and strives to rectify them, his boss should excuse him and not reprimand him as if he had done something so serious that he had to be dealt with severely. Of course, a person should not be making mistakes repeatedly, or else he can be termed as a inefficient worker.

Sometimes, fearing mistakes tend to make one make the mistake one is afraid of committing. I still remembered how I was scared of knocking into a tree when I was learning how to cycle that I really crashed into one.

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