Saturday, August 15, 2009

How to use 'menyewa' and 'menyewakan' correctly

Students of Malay often get confused when it comes to the usage of 'menyewa' and 'menyewakan' in sentences. They are not certain about their usage and use them as if they are the same.

Actually, there is a difference between their meanings. The verb 'menyewa' means 'to rent from' while 'menyewakan' carries the meaning of 'to rent (a house) to'. Look at the following sentences to see how how they are in sentences.

a) Saya menyewa sebuah rumah semasa bekerja di negeri Pahang.
[I rented a house when I was working in the state of Pahang.]

b) Saya menyewakan rumah saya kepada pelajar-pelajar itu.
[I rented my house to the students.]

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