Friday, August 28, 2009

Don't take fingers for granted

We take our fingers for granted. This should not be so as in my case. I never realised that our forefinger is so useful as it helps us do many things, writing included. Besides writing, I find it difficult to hold my chopsticks when I replace the forefinger with my middle finger in holding them. In the end I resort to using fork and spoon for the time being when I partake of noodles.

My trigger finger improved a little as the swollen finger had shrunk to some degrees and I could flex my forefinger a little. I still need to go for physiotherapy sessions. I really hope to get over all these and I can use my forefinger again.

The disability to use one finger has caused so much trouble to me. I now really admire those without hands and yet can manage to go about doing things. Hence we should thank God for endowing us with perfect limbs to be part of us.

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