Thursday, August 13, 2009

Biological clock wakes me up

Does it occur to you how you manage to wake up in time for work or going to school every day? You may answer, “The alarm clock wakes me up.”

Have you realized that before the alarm clock rings you are already awake just before the clock rings. Actually the clock in your body does the work of waking you up.

If you habitually wake up at six, you will automatically get up at the above time without fail. This biological clock of ours is really marvellous.

I have done an experiment to set my biological clock by will. I just told myself that I had to wake up at five when I am normally awake at six. Yet I did wake up at five on the day I willed it.

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hazeleyed said...

that is so true...
I practice it especially in the month of 'Ramadhan'...waking up for 'Sahur' at 4.00 am.Never use alarm clock.It works.